The introduction of the representative

Yoshitaka Kajita
January.1967 Aquarius
Aichi prefecture Japan


March 1989
Graduation from the Waseda University law department
April 1989
(In charge of the trust management of the sole agent, social insurance, a salary calculation, the education training and resigned at January 2001)
December 2001
Entering Licensed tax accountant juridical person Namura Accounting General Partnership.
(Work experience about 5 years,and resigned at the end of 2006)
March 2003
Ragistration of a CFP(Certifies Financial Planner Board)
(belong to Japan Association for Financial Planners,Tokyo branch office)
September 2003
Resistration of a Tax Accountant(belong to Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountant Association,Shibuya branch office)
December 2007
Registration of a Social Insurance and labor consultant
(belong to Tokyo Metropolitan Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Association, Shibuya branch office)
April 2010
Registration of a Shiho-shosi Lawyer(Judicial scrivener)
(belong to Tokyo Shiho-shosi Lawyer,s Associations)

(I book the court every month and enjoy it with my friends recently.)

・Watching sports games
(tennis、Baseball etc. When there is the big match ,Wimbledon, I get absorbed until midnight.)

・Listening to the music
(Favorite musician; Beatles、Billy Joel、Southern All Stars etc. I recruit music in ipod and enjoy it recently.)

・Watching a movie
(Favorite actor; Tom Hanks、Renee Zellweger etc. Favorite movie 24)


My good points are to concentrates on things, and to accomplish till the last.
Other than taxation business and accounts, I am about a salary, the social insurance as expertise.
Please come to the office of Yoyogi willingly once by all means.