1.Taxation business service

  • Making of the taxation business report (corporation tax/consumption tax/local taxes)
  • Making of various reports about the taxation business
  • Making of the legal record
  • Taxation business consultation,settlement of accounts economy in tax measures
  • Offer of the information about the latest taxation business
  • Making others report (business establishment tax / depreciable asset tax / a business tax, a pro forma standard tax)
  • Support about the consolidated tax payment
  • Support about the electronic report
  • Support with tax inquiry

2.Accounts service

  • Monthly patrol guidance
  • Acting entry, entry guidance
  • The accounting by oneself (support about the introduction of the accounting software)
  • Making of financial statements and guidance
  • Finance, an anti-fund raising measure
  • Management plan development support

3.Judicial affairs sevice

  • The establishment of the company, establishment of a business support
  • The support such as merger, the division, a stock swap, the stocks move of company
  • Support about the dissolution of the company
  • The support to make of the minutes such as a general meeting of stockholders, the board of directors
  • Making such as contracts about various business

※We will introduce the experts such as a lawyer, the judicial scrivener if necessary.

4.Other services

We will perform the establishment support,making a report, and accounts of various juridical people such as medical corporation,social welfare corporation,religious corporation,public service corporation and the NPO juridical person.