Our action policy

Thank you for coming to our website.

We value true heart of the each client while making much of cooperation with other licensed tax accountants and a lawyer, a judicial scrivener, the social insurance and labor consultant and We aim at the office relied on by people and make an effort to do that.

We are located in the very convenient place called the YoyogWe station square.
We cover a wide range, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, as duties area.

If you request, we will visit you immediately.
Not an adviser licensed tax accountant only as for calculating, We will support the making of base for a company to develop by general affairs and the accounting kindly.

Our Motto

First of all we always promise in kind carefulness and corresponding sincerely for the client.
Because we deal with a number, we pursue the accuracy of duties.
We promise the impartiality for a client and all people related to duties.
We study taxation business, accounts, legal affairs every day to be able to offer abundant information widely.
We cope with the latest information for taxation system revision quickly, and always calculate the reasonable amount of a tax of the minimum.
We make correct calculation documents based on various laws and ordinances including company law.

We ask full-scale prohibition of smoking for cooperation to keep clean and comfortable office environment.