About 1 minute walk from JR Yoyogi Station(The north exit)
About 8 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station(Southern terrace exit)
About 3 minutes walk from Odakyu Line Minamishinjuku Station.

from Yoyogi station

  1. Get off from the north exit of JR Yoyogi Station. (It’s nice to get around the middle of the train.)
  2. Leave the wicket and walk to the right direction (for the Shinjuku area) and you’ll find a crossing in front of the building of the beauty Hall next to a building of the Tokyo school business.(The signal has a push button.)
  3. Go across the pedestrian crossing, turn to the left at the corner of the building (Nishiwaki study land Building) and you’ll find a building of the red brick color next to this building.
    Our office is at the fourth floor 406 of Saint Hills Yoyogi.

from Shinjuku station

  1. Get off from the southern terrace exit of JR Shinjuku Station(It is the exit of the south side.)
  2. Leave the wicket and walk to the left direction (for the Yoyogi area) and go through the southern terrace to the end.
  3. Go down the stairs or the escalator between “Eddie Bauer” and “Travel cafes” of the left hand.
  4. Walk for 1 minute and pass the building of the “Yoyogi cartoon film academy”, you’ll find the crossing in front of the beauty Hall.
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