Final income tax return

We do support about the final income tax return.

  1. (1)A report of the medical cost subtraction
    (The net total of the annual medical cost is under 100,000 yen, but there is the case that subtraction may be taken)
  2. (2)A report of the donation subtraction
    (Beyond 5,000 yen of constant donations such as the Japanese Red Cross Society, a contribution to the disaster, is an object of the subtraction as a general rule.)
  3. (3)A report of the deduction from petty losses
    (The one that was damaged by a disaster, theft)
  4. (4)A report of the borrowed money for the house purchase subtraction
    (The repayment periods of the borrowed money are more than ten years, and a constant matter is necessary.)
  5. (5)A report of the rent income of the real estate
  6. (6)A report of the transfer of the real estate (land / a building)
  7. (7)Consultation about the replacement by purchase or exchange of the real estate
  8. (8)A report of the profit such as stocks, the investment trust
  9. (9)A report about a stock dividend.
    (There is the case which dividends exclusion may be taken.)
  10. (10)A report of the salary from more than two companies