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Privacy policy
  Privacy policy
 1、About this policy
 The Kajita licensed tax accountant office thinks that it is important duty to value privacy ant to protect personal information of homepage user.
 In this website, we observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection and act with the following posture about a privacy policy.

 2、The use purpose of the personal information
 When we have you offer personal information from user, we use the information only for a purpose to answer or to cope for an inquiry and a demand from user.
 We do not use personal information of user besides these fair purposes without permission.

 3、The offer to the third party
 We do not disclose or offer the personal information that offered from user to the third person except in the case of followings.

・When we disclose it for the business partner of our office as far as it is necessary for the use purpose above.
・When we offer it to the third party who we stated clearly beforehand when we are offered personal information.
・When it is based on laws and ordinances, or be accepted an offer to the third party by the Personal Information Protection Law, or the person himself of user consented.

 4、About disclosure, a correction, deletion
 If user hope for the disclosure, the correction or the deletion of the personal information that user offered, we cope immediately in a rational range.

 5、Safety measures
 We make an effort zealously to manage and to administer the personal information of user safely,and we perform rational, appropriate safety measures for the prevention of dangers, that are the unjust access from the outside to personal information, loss, destruction,manipulation and a leak of personal information.

 6、Collection of the specific information or the indefinite one
 In this website, we do not collect information (a name, an address, a phone number, an e-mail address) that can specify an individual of accessed user without consent of user.

 On the other hand, collect the information that cannot specify an individual of user in this website,for example,the records that a visitor visited on any page of this website or a visitor accessed from which website of any domain name.

 These information is used for the contents improvement of this website.

 7、The use of the cookie
 When we do not decline it particularly in this website, we do not use a cookie (technology of the industry-wide standard that a Web server distinguishes a computer of user).

 But please confirm it about the detailed contents in what exhibit the effect in a pertinence page when I use a cookie to offer the service that is useful for user there.

 8、The revision of this policy
 Because we sometimes revise the contents of this policy, we ask to have you confirm it regularly.

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