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Juridical person
・Making of the taxation business report (corporation tax/consumption tax/local taxes)
・Making of various reports about the taxation business
・Making of the legal record
・Taxation business consultation,settlement of accounts economy in tax measures
・Offer of the information about the latest taxation business
・Making others report (business establishment tax / depreciable asset tax / a business tax, a pro forma standard tax)
・Support about the consolidated tax payment
・Support about the electronic report
・Support with tax inquiry

・Monthly patrol guidance
・Acting entry, entry guidance
・The accounting by oneself (support about the introduction of the accounting software)
・Making of financial statements and guidance
・Finance, an anti-fund raising measure
・Management plan development support

・The establishment of the company, establishment of a business support
・The support such as merger, the division, a stock swap, the stocks move of company
・Support about the dissolution of the company
・The support to make of the minutes such as a general meeting of stockholders, the board of directors
・Making such as contracts about various business
※We will introduce the experts such as a lawyer, the judicial scrivener if necessary.

 We will perform the establishment support,making a report, and accounts of various juridical people such as medical corporation,social welfare corporation,religious corporation,public service corporation and the NPO juridical person.

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